The authors

One is a historian, the other an economist. The first has stridden across Asia and the Pacific from Yekaterinburg to Auckland; the second is specialized in African and more broadly in emerging economies.
They meet at a crossroads for a road trip through the Americas, with environmental matters and the resistance of the local population as main motivation.

Their writings blend — their observations complement each other to tell, through words and photos, stories of men and women, of geographies and territories, of political fights and social conflicts, of forecasted disasters and collective hope.

Les auteurs 1

Stéphanie Nedjar: “Telling stories has always been the governing principle in my professional choices and personal travels, from my early ventures studying history to my most recent trips.”
Stéphanie worked in the culture field and then in corporate publishing before studying journalism in Paris.

Christelle Marot: “My work is about turning emerging dynamics and sustainable growth into understandable and emotive stories. Fascinated by people who create, who commit, who resist. Looking for meaning.”
Christelle is a freelance journalist and a former correspondent in South Africa and Morocco for major French news magazines and TV channels (L’express, France 24…).

Les auteurs 2